First Visit Before Moving In

I’m not a resident yet, but I have been allowed to visit the property and start doing some of the outside clean up.

I’ve given the front lawn a quick cut and have also tried to tame the hedge a little. I say hedge, It’s more ivy than hedge. Much of the original hedge is sadly dead from the ivy. Some of the ivy has actually fallen over and has broken some of the green house glass, and it has invaded the garage and it looks like an indoor jungle. This ivy is going to take a lot of work to get under control, or better still eradicated or I will be fighting it forever. I have added a photo after the grasss was cut, and the hedge scalped. Wish I had though about taking a photograph before I started.

Living Room View 1

The sofa takes all the one wall. Redecoration very much needed. Smells of cigarette smoke and has soot and ash around the top of the walls.

Living Room View 2

What space the sofa doesn’t take up, the armchair does. Description of four walls. Wall 1 has a door to kitchen. Wall 2 has a builtin cupboard, fireplace, chimney breast and door to bedroom. Wall 3 has a window and it kicks in to incorporate the outside entrance. Wall 4 is the only “blank” wall but the front door and kitchen door open right next to the corners.


The kitchen is very small and is almost full and theres no fridge yet. Going to be fun trying to make the most of the space. Cupboards very dirty inside and I wouldn’t store food in them. Looks like I’m going to be busy with degreaser before I can even prepare food in here. Cooker is so dirty I think it’s probably beyond saving and would probably cost more in cleaning products than just replacing it.

Bathroom View 1

No idea when this toilet was replaced, but obviously not decorated. In fact, None of the rooms have been decorated since the windows have been fitted many years ago. I particularly like that the walls are painted just a slightly pinker pink than the bare plaster. First job done, everything emptied of water, allowed to dry, then covered in bleach.

Bathroom View 2

Bath was obviously removed a few years ago as previous resident could not get in or out of it due to illness. He replaced it with a stand in shower. The shower looks really good, until I turned it on. It’s a dribble shower.

Sink taps are blocked and don’t work correctly. Hot water almost none existent and cold water tap just trickles. Going to need to sort these out on day one.


I moved to Croxton in 2019 and live in The Rest Home

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