Pre-moving in Visit

I’m over the moon! Threatened with homelessness, I applied to be a possible resident of The Rest Home in Croxton. I have received a call to say my application was accepted and I could move in. My residence starts on 1st April 2018. I’ve popped along today to take photographs to let my mother see where I am going to live. There’s loads to do both inside and out so these photos may be useful for future reference as things get done, fixed and decorated. I’m on a very low income so I can see things moving along very slowly due to financial hardship.

I feel very lucky to have been selected, and as I am from Papworth Everard, I already know the area.

Jobs I can see that need doing outside:

  • Clear the public footpath from the overgrown grass verge. Approximately half of the path has disappeared.
  • The roof has slipped tiles and is full of holes.
  • Grass needs cutting as it is waist high.
  • Hedge needs taming. It currently sits around 8 ft high and is around 4 ft thick. It’s also full of ivy with the main stems approximately 6 cm thick. Ivy is notoriously difficult to get rid of/under control.
  • Front entrance path needs clearing. Its overgrown and I don’t know where the edges are. The exposed area is just wide enough to walk on so I suspect its actually wider than that.

Jobs I can see need doing inside

  • Bathroom
    • The walls are a nice shade of plastic pink (just a little pinker than the bare plaster)
    • Toilet need fixing
    • Taps don’t work
    • Floor types are a mix and match and some don’t fit.
  • Kitchen
    • Need white goods.
    • Cooker needs cleaning before it even sees any type of food.
  • Living Room
    • Liveable for now. All empty but for a three seater settee and a single armchair.
    • Desperately needs decorating. It’s covered in cigarette stains mixed in with fire soot and smoke.
    • Fireplace all smoked stained and looks extremely dirty.
  • Bedroom
    • Replace old red crunchy carpet (with thread bare places indicating where the bed used to live)
    • Needs curtains that fit window as they are two small (and the brown 1970’s design doesn’t work with the red carpet and blue walls)
    • Needs decorating to cover the baby blue painted walls.
  • Boot Room
    • Needs painting
    • Floor needs stripping. Nice terracota tiles but they have a mixture of dirt and limescale on them. I suspect this floor suffers from rising damp from below as the building age would mean there is no damp proof course.


I moved to Croxton in 2019 and live in The Rest Home

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