APEMAN 16MP 1080P Trail Wildlife Camera Trap with Infrared Night Vision

Fantastic piece of equipment. This trail camera just sits waiting for hours on end. I use 8x rechargeable AA batteries. They are inserted in a way that allows the camera to operate from just four batteries. This means you can place 4 batteries in while another 4 are on charge. When you wish to change batteries, just insert the 4 newly charged ones, and then remove the originally inserted ones. All settings, date, etime, etc are then preserved. This means you can leave the camera in place and just replace batteries as needed. There is a built in screen that allows yu to view footage on the camera itself. The camera body is fully waterproof and recordings are made to SD card. It’s quite common for me to site the camera and just leave it. Every couple of days I then fit fresh batteries and swap out the SD card. The motion detection triggers recordings. More details here.

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