Wifi enabled camera with night vision and motion detection

No longer available on the market as this is now an old model. However, its basically a standard battery operated security camera which features motion detection, night vision and wifi connectivity via a smartphone app. There are more up to date versions now available from amazon. This is the equivalent to what I use. I Mounted the camera to a heavy off cut of fence post to make it stable and still moveable. The weight of the wood stops it falling, or more importantly, being knocked over by passing furry visitors.

Using the camera app allows you to view the camera live on your smart phone. I prefer to just sight the camera and turn on motion detection. This way the battery usage is dramatically reduced as it remains in a semi dormant state. The camera then comes to “full life” when it picks up movement and records footage until the movement stops. Using the camera this way means I can sight the camera in a protected location for days and not worry about the battery life. When I then retrieve the camera, I download all footage to my phone. The footage is then send from my smartphone to my Dell Inspiron Laptop and edited in Flowblade video editing software.

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