Four Apple Trees and a Pear Tree

Four Apple Trees

Suzy, my wife, has planted 4 apple trees running along side our newly coppiced hedge. From the front gate they are Apple Empire, Apple Lobo, Apple Pinova and finally Apple Alwa/Alva.

These four new apple trees join the existing apple tree Jonagold which is located in the centre of our front lawn (or should I say hay triangle, soon to become a wild flower meadow bed)

The apples will be probably be consumed as crumble and excess windfall will be used for cider making. I will possibly even have a go at making some apple wine.

Pear Tree

She has also planted a Pear Clapp’s Favourite tree just before the front boundary line between 1 & 2 The Rest Home. The fruit will be either poached, or more probably fermented into Perry.

What a bargain! Suzy found these online as a pack of five trees. Due to the very late spring this year, people haven’t been buying them to plant. This pack of five bare root fruit trees came in at £9.99 which included delivery. The company had so many bare root trees in cold storage they where desperate to get rid of them. Just as a price comparison, Lidl had apple trees a few weeks ago which where younger/shorter for £8.99 each. This five pack of older tress averages to just under £2.00 each.

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