Hedgehog (Video), Croxton

Using a night time video camera tucked away in an old metal garage, I capture a visiting hedgehog who regularly wonders in to finish off left over cat food placed out for semi-feral cats.

My neighbour used to encourage the cats into his garden by feeding them. Unfortunately, due to ill health he has had to go into assisted living. The cats, being semi-feral would be impossible to rehome, so they stayed behind roaming free. I therefore have to keep them fed each evening.
This cheeky spiney rascal, makes the most of the free food and comes and eats anything left over after the cats have had their fill. Most morning the food has all gone.

Please be sure to record any hedgehog sightings at: https://bighedgehogmap.org/

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I moved to Croxton in 2019 and live in The Rest Home

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