Swallows Successful Brood

Swallow chick in nest

When I moved into The Rest Home 3 years ago, there was a swallow nest located above my front door under a high roofed porch area. For the following 2 years I kept my eyes open, knowing that swallows usually return to past nests each year. For 2 years I saw nothing visit the nest. I was quite disappointed, Yet this year, surprise of surprises, swallows visited the nest and laid eggs. The nest is too high to see into, and I didn’t want to disturb the nest, so it was left alone. Today, I witnessed that there are at least 2 chicks in the nest. I managed to grab a picture of one of them resting its head on the side of the nest. Image quality is poor as I zoomed in with my mobile phone from a distance. Again, I didn’t want to disturb the nest area.


I moved to Croxton in 2019 and live in The Rest Home

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